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Advanced Placement

You’re already using the skills it takes to succeed; AP challenges you to take them to new levels.

You might think that AP classes are tough, and you might be right. But that doesn’t mean that you aren’t up to the task. If you are willing to work hard, you’ll find that the qualities you use in other parts of your life can help you achieve your goals. AP brings the college experience to your high school with the opportunity to earn college credit at thousands of universities. More students are ready for AP than you’d think. Roll up your sleeves and find out what AP can do for you.

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Advanced Placement at Central

Students interested in AP at Central MUST participate in the PSAT during the fall of each school year. Each AP instructor will also have an application process and a meeting to discuss the course and expectations. Each accepted AP student will sign an AP contract mandated by the SCS BOE to complete the course and participate in the AP Exam. All questions can be directed the Mr. Allred at

2017-2018 AP Offerings

AP English LanguageAP English LiteratureAP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BCAP StatisticsAP Chemistry
AP BiologyAP Computer Science PrinciplesAP US History
AP World HistoryAP Government and PoliticsAP Spanish Language
AP Music TheoryAP Psychology



 Dual Credit

Current Course Offerings:

DC Statistics, DC Sociology, DC Pre-Calculus I


  • Tennessee high school and college faculty worked together to develop the learning objectives and challenge exam for each course.
  • Students have the opportunity to earn credit that can be applied to any Tennessee public postsecondary institution.
  • Prior academic performance, ability, and interest should be used to inform student placement decisions.
  • The courses add to the portfolio of available early postsecondary credit opportunities, but do not replace local agreements.
  • High schools can offer early postsecondary credit courses regardless of their access to a local postsecondary partner or funding for other courses.
  • All students enrolled in a statewide dual credit course take the online challenge exam, which is used to assess mastery of the postsecondary-level learning objectives.
  • Exam scores are reported on the high school transcript to ensure postsecondary credit is accurately awarded but are not used in any state accountability measures.

Tennessee Governor’s School

The Tennessee Governor’s Schools provide eleven challenging and high-intensity programs for rising 11th and 12th grade students nominated by high school faculty. Students interested in participating in a Governor’s Schools program should obtain the application(s) from  a high school administrator, school counselor, or other faculty member. Applications for the 2018 Tennessee Governor’s Schools will be available on this page from Sept. 1 to Dec. 1, 2017. Applications must be postmarked no later than Dec. 1, unless otherwise noted in the application. Applications can be accessed online at the following link:


Summer Programs

**Coming Soon

Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders is a year-long program that prepares youth in the Mid-South to be leaders in order to make our community a better place. Students are encouraged to CONNECT with other youth from around the Mid-South and COLLABORATE across social dividers to make a change in their community.

Student benefits:

  • Work for positive change in your community as you develop your own leadership skills
  • Meet other youth leaders from across the Mid-South
  • Develop lasting friendships with a group of diverse students
  • Become eligible for BRIDGE paid youth internship
  • 11th and 12th grade: Earn up to 6 hours of college credit through the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Program

Participating in Bridge Builders

Eligible students are recommended by Central High counselors and asked to complete an application in the late fall of each year. Please see, Mrs. Gray or Ms. Nelms for details about applying for this opportunity. Additionally, all students may apply online at


Student Obligation to Bridge Builders

When a student is accepted to Bridge Builders s/he pledges to:

  • Attend a one-week summer conference focused on team building, leadership, community action, and diversity and
  • Attend 6 training sessions/electives during the school year offered monthly, evenings and weekends at BRIDGES and
    community sites. Events feature community leaders, forums on hot topics and community action projects.

Reach Memphis (Formerly Memphis PREP)

Reach Memphis provides students an opportunity to experience learning in different environments while helping prepare each to attend and graduate from college. Members of this program strive to energize, inspire, and expand students’ visions for their futures so they will be prepared to achieve in their careers.Memphis PREP students are sophomores, juniors or seniors in high school. Most enter the program as a sophomore and fulfill their first requirement of the program as a rising junior when they attend one of more than 40 summer programs offered through our organization.The summer experience is the first step along the path of preparing for college. Lessons learned during the summer are reinforced by Memphis PREP throughout the remaining high school years through individual college counseling sessions, individual and group coaching sessions, and workshops geared to college enrollment and like skills.

Participating in Reach Memphis

Eligible students are recommended by Central High counselors and asked to complete an online application in the fall of each year. Qualified students will then be invited to interview.Students are selected based upon the following:

  • Enrolled on the 10th or 11th grade
  • Are enrolled in the strongest academic courses offered in school (Honors/AP/IB)
  • Maintain at least a 3.5 weighted grade point average. Final grades must be all As and Bs.
  • Are among the top ranking students in the class and are active in school and/or community
  • Are mature, independent and responsible

Remember, applications MUST be complete (all required information) and are due in fall of each school year.

Student Obligation to Reach Memphis

When a student is accepted into Reach Memphis, s/he pledges to:

  • Attend a summer program as a rising junior
  • Attend a Memphis based summer experience as a rising senior
  • Attend Memphis PREP’s workshop day
  • Accept a Memphis PREP coach and attend periodic coaching sessions
  • Work with our college counselor on areas pertinent to your successful enrollment in a college best suited to your

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment allows high school juniors and seniors to enroll in college courses for credit prior to high school graduation. It exposes students to rigorous classes that prepare them for college success, builds their confidence, and speeds their way to an affordable degree. Classes are available both on and off Central High’s campus.

Dual Enrollment is usually open to a wide range of students. It is not only geared to high achievers; some programs actually target students who need extra motivation. The Tennessee Dual Enrollment grant covers $500 for the first 2 courses and $200 for the third class. The grant application can be completed here.
How to enroll in a dual enrollment course on a college campus?
1. Obtain necessary forms from Mr. Allred (Click here to email for electronic versions)
2. Check the college website for desired class schedule. Make sure it does not interfere with the school day.
3. Complete the application process.
Click here for Southwest. You must have at least a 19 ACT composite.
Click here for CBU. You must have at least a 21 ACT composite.
4. Complete the grant application using here.
5. Return forms to Mr. Allred with all required student and parent signatures.
How to enroll in a dual enrollment course on Central High’s campus?
There are currently four dual enrollment classes offered on campus at Central High:
Anatomy and Physiology I and II and Intro to Exercise Science through the University of Memphis, Psychology through Bethel University, and Computer Applications through Southwest Community College. Enrollment is handled through scheduling by the counselors. Contact Mr. Allred for more information.

Diploma InformationRegular DiplomaTo earn a regular high school diploma, students must meet the minimum standards established by the State Board of Education and earn the following 22 units of credit:English 4 unitsMathematics 4 unitsScience 3 unitsSocial Studies 3 unitsWellness 1 unitPhysical Education .5 unitPersonal Finance .5 unitElectives 3 unitsForeign Language 2 unitsFine Arts 1 unitTotal 22 unitsHonors DiplomaIn addition to regular SCS diploma requirements, student must score at or above all of the subject area readiness benchmarks on the ACT (or equivalent scores on SAT)

  • English 19
  • Reading 22
  • Math 22
  • Science 23

Tennessee Graduate with DistinctionIn addition to regular SCS diploma requirements, a student must have a B average and at least one of the following:

  • Earn a nationally recognized industry certification
  • Participate in at least one of the Governor’s Schools
  • Participate in one of the state’s All State musical organizations
  • Be selected as a National Merit Finalist or Semi-Finalist
  • Attain a composite score of 31 or higher on the ACT or 1360 on the SAT
  • Attain a score of 3 or higher on at least two advanced placement exams
  • Successfully complete the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme
  • Earn 12 or more semester hours of transcripted postsecondary credit

Designation of Exemplary RecognitionThis special recognition will be printed on the diploma and the transcript for any student who qualifies.

  • Must have earned twelve (12) Honors or Advanced Placement credits (any combination) in Grades 9 -12 or a combination of
    such credits totaling twelve (12), with each Advanced Placement credit equal to 1.5 honors credits.
  • A minimum of two (2) Honors or Advanced Placement courses is required during the senior year.