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NCAA Registration Information
The annual ACT-SO competition, sponsored by the Memphis Branch of the NAACP, is now underway. There are many categories for students to compete in, among them Humanities (acting, playwriting, poetry, speech), Performing Arts (dance, music playing and writing, vocal music), the Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Physics), and the Visual Arts (drawing, sculpture, painting, photography,) and others.Students must be of African-American descent, be in grades 9-12, and be citizens of the U.S.Students should see a Counselor for applications, and may enter more than one competition.TBA

The Tennessee Governor’s Schools

Tennessee Governor’s Schools – these are 12 selective summer programs in which high-achieving students can apply to participate. Included are The Arts, Computational Physics, International Studies, Engineering, Humanities, and several other fun studies. Applications are underway, so students should get busy during Fall Break (if they are eligible).
1.    Students and parents should read and understand the requirements and qualifications for each school in which they are interested.
Print the application, complete it, and give it to your Counselor by the deadlines below.
2.    MINIMUM 3.2 GPA is required to submit these applications.
3.    The deadline for the Arts is November 4 (so applications can be sent by November 6 deadline).
4.    The deadlines for the other applications vary, but the application materials must be returned, completed, to School Counselors BEFORE Thanksgiving Break.
5.    No late applications can be sent.

MAP (Memphis Ambassadors Program)

This is the City of Memphis program that replaced what was once known as “the summer jobs program” for youth of Memphis. The program now involves a lot more than just summer jobs, and there are requirements and qualifications for students to be eligible and remain eligible. Please read all the directions before applying.

Summer Enrichment Programs


Bridge Builders

Bridge Builders is a year-long program that prepares youth in the Mid-South to be leaders in order to make our community a better place. Students are encouraged to CONNECT with other youth from around the Mid-South and COLLABORATE across social dividers to make a change in their community.

Student benefits:

  • Work for positive change in your community as you develop your own leadership skills
  • Meet other youth leaders from across the Mid-South
  • Develop lasting friendships with a group of diverse students
  • Become eligible for BRIDGE paid youth internship
  • 11th and 12th grade: Earn up to 6 hours of college credit through the Tennessee Dual Enrollment Program

Participating in Bridge Builders

Eligible students are recommended by Central High counselors and asked to complete an application in the late fall of each year. Please see, Mrs. Gray or Ms. Nelms for details about applying for this opportunity. Additionally, all students may apply online at


Student Obligation to Bridge Builders

When a student is accepted to Bridge Builders s/he pledges to:

  • Attend a one-week summer conference focused on team building, leadership, community action, and diversity and
  • Attend 6 training sessions/electives during the school year offered monthly, evenings and weekends at BRIDGES and
    community sites. Events feature community leaders, forums on hot topics and community action projects.
Reach Memphis (Formerly Memphis PREP)

Reach Memphis provides students an opportunity to experience learning in different environments while helping prepare each to attend and graduate from college. Members of this program strive to energize, inspire, and expand students’ visions for their futures so they will be prepared to achieve in their careers.Memphis PREP students are sophomores, juniors or seniors in high school. Most enter the program as a sophomore and fulfill their first requirement of the program as a rising junior when they attend one of more than 40 summer programs offered through our organization.The summer experience is the first step along the path of preparing for college. Lessons learned during the summer are reinforced by Memphis PREP throughout the remaining high school years through individual college counseling sessions, individual and group coaching sessions, and workshops geared to college enrollment and like skills.

Participating in Reach Memphis

Eligible students are recommended by Central High counselors and asked to complete an online application in the fall of each year. Qualified students will then be invited to interview.Students are selected based upon the following:

  • Enrolled on the 10th or 11th grade
  • Are enrolled in the strongest academic courses offered in school (Honors/AP/IB)
  • Maintain at least a 3.5 weighted grade point average. Final grades must be all As and Bs.
  • Are among the top ranking students in the class and are active in school and/or community
  • Are mature, independent and responsible

Remember, applications MUST be complete (all required information) and are due in fall of each school year.

Student Obligation to Reach Memphis

When a student is accepted into Reach Memphis, s/he pledges to:

  • Attend a summer program as a rising junior
  • Attend a Memphis based summer experience as a rising senior
  • Attend Memphis PREP’s workshop day
  • Accept a Memphis PREP coach and attend periodic coaching sessions
  • Work with our college counselor on areas pertinent to your successful enrollment in a college best suited to your
Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment allows students to get a head start on the full college experience by taking college courses while in high school and earning college credits.Dual Enrollment is a postsecondary course, taught either at Southwest Community College or Central High, by postsecondary faculty, which, upon successful completion of the course, allows students to earn postsecondary credit concurrently. The student must meet dual enrollment eligibility under the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) and The University of Tennessee (UT) policies.

Participating in Dual Enrollment

Students considering dual enrollment should meet with a Central High counselor to discuss eligibility and course options. Only qualified students will be offered access to dual enrollment.