2017 – 2018 School Dress Code


  • Pants (no tights, jeggings, leggings, spandex material bottom, etc.) must be worn at the waist, be an appropriate length, and be appropriately sized with no holes, rips or tears that reveal skin or undergarments.
  • Shirts, blouses, and dresses must have sleeves and must completely cover the abdomen, back, and shoulders. Shirts or tops must cover the waistband of pants, shorts, or skirts with no midriff visible. Low-cut blouses, shirts, or tops, or extremely tight tops, tube tops, or any top that exposes cleavage are prohibited. Shirts, blouses, and tops must be no longer than wrist-length.
  • Head apparel (such as hoods, hats, bandanas, scarves, etc.) must not be worn inside the school building, except for religious or medical reasons (see Individual Exemptions from Certain Dress Code Requirements or from Standardized Dress/Uniforms).
  • Skirts, dresses, and shorts must be no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee.
  • Footwear is required and must be safe and appropriate for indoor and outdoor physical activity. Flip flops are not permitted. Sandals must have a strap around the back.
  • Clothing and accessories such as backpacks, patches, jewelry, and notebooks must not display (1) racial, ethnic, or gender and sexual slurs/symbols; (2) gang affiliations; (3) vulgar, subversive, or sexually suggestive language or images; nor promote inappropriate and/or illegal products such as alcohol, tobacco, and illegal drugs.
  • Any article of clothing that is predominately RED is PROHIBITED!
  • Prohibited items include: (1) large, long and/or heavy chains; (2) studded or chained accessories; (3) sunglasses, except for health purposes; (4) sleepwear, pajamas, slippers, and/or blankets; (5) skin-tight outer materials such as spandex or leggings.


The school administration reserves the right to determine whether the student’s attire is within the limits of decency, modesty, and safety.
The Principal may allow exceptions in special circumstances, or for occasions such as holidays and special performances. The Principal may further prescribe dress in certain classes such as physical education, vocational education, and science labs.
Any student not attired in accordance with the policy shall be directed to correct the violation or spend the remainder of the day in ISS. Repeat offenders shall be subject to additional measures, which include parent conferences, ISS, and out-of-school suspensions as described in the District-wide discipline policy.


Schools may use the following behavioral intervention strategies and disciplinary measures for violations of the Central High School Dress Code policy. Schools may use the following behavioral intervention strategies and disciplinary measures for violations of the Central High School Dress Code policy.

  1. classroom and school-wide intervention strategies (It is expected that the initial intervention will be a call to the parent/guardian.)
  2. confiscation of item and/or loss of privileges
  3. detention/Saturday school
  4. in school suspension
  5. overnight suspension/parent or guardian conference

All students are expected to comply with the Central’s policy. However, any additional accessories that pose a hazard will not be permitted. Examples of inappropriate accessories include, but are not limited to the following items on or about the person.

Headbands Hats, Caps, Bonnets, Bandannas         Headbands
Earbuds, Headphones                                               Hair Combs, Hair Picks
Leggings, Jeggings, Spandex                                    Scarfs
Non-Prescription Sunglasses                                   Wristbands

In conclusion, any accessory deemed in appropriate or disruptive to the learning environment by administration will not be permitted.
Consequences for not following the dress code policy: OVERNIGHT SUSPENSION